Contraception and Sexual Health

Our female providers will take good care of you!
Need a pap smear, breast check or some advice on birth control?
When you just can’t take time away from the family, send them to the movies at the mall and take some time to take care of yourself.
A pap smear and breast check is just $119 (excluding lab fee, usually around $50-$60).
  • Women’s Special: breast exam, pap smear and birth control advice/prescription
  • Pap only
  • Depoprovera birth control shot - First visit requires pregnancy test and pap
  • Morning after Pill Consult and treatment
  • “Female Problems” consult
  • Gardasil - HPV cervical cancer vaccine


Birth control consultation

Take responsibility now and prevent unwanted pregnancy. We will give you advice on the best form of birth control for you.

Options we offer are: 
  • Prescriptions for oral contraceptive pills (“the pill”)
  • “Patches” depoprovera injections (“the shot”)
  • Intrauterine device (“IUD”) insertion. 

Sexual Health
Are you worried about having a sexually transmitted disease (STD)? Are you starting a new relationship and want to get checked? Or, maybe you need a confidential service to make sure you are OK. Worse yet, maybe you have symptoms: weird discharge, bumps, warts, herpes, whatever. 
You can trust us. 
We will handle your problem professionally and confidentially. 

Cost for consultation is $99, but testing may be required. Treatment for most conditions is available in the clinic, you don’t even need to go to a pharmacy. 
Get safe. See us today.