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The Multiple Magic Uses of Botox:  Not just for Movie Stars!
Botox comes in a little glass vial that looks empty unless you look carefully at the fine white dust at the bottom of the bottle. Diluted with water, this liquid medication has many powerful uses.   Best known for wrinkle reduction, Botox has an interesting history.   Botox is a highly purified bacterial toxin, that causes muscles to relax.  Originally, the medicine was used to help balance out the muscles of cross-eyed children, and to stop eye muscle twitching.  Gradually, many other uses were discovered.    For all Botox treatments, the procedure takes less than 10 minutes and is nearly painless, as a tiny needle is used.  The results are usually evident within just a few days.   Botox is extremely safe, and allergic reactions never occur.   It is the top cosmetic treatment in the United States, with over six million injections done annually.   Side effects are practically unheard of.  


Despite the crazy antics of Hollywood stars that end up looking frozen, Botox on normal people looks completely natural.
Tiny, painless injections of Botox into  the forehead create relaxation of the muscles, and a more youthful look.  Worry lines, or the "angry look" disappear for around three months.   Other areas that can be treated include the crinkles around the eyes (crow's feet).  The skin looks smoother and has a beautiful glow.   
Many people experience migraines because of the strong contraction of the muscles in their scalp.  That's why they sometimes feel better temporarily when they massage the painful area.   Over time, the muscles can be so tight that the headaches keep occurring.  That's where Botox comes in. By injecting into the area of pain, the muscles can relax and the headaches go away.

Some people experience involuntary twitches around the eyes or on the cheek.  These symptoms are uncomfortable and distracting to those around them, as well as being rather unsightly.   By injecting tiny quantities of Botox into the muscles around the eye and cheek, a more peaceful facial expression can be achieved.

One of the more dramatic uses of Botox is for facial contouring.   Women with a strong jaw-line or a square face benefit most.   By injecting Botox into the masseter muscles (the side muscles of the jaw), we can achieve a thinner, more oval face which looks gentler and more feminine.  

Many people grind their teeth at night, wearing them down and causing tightness in their jaw muscles and even headaches.   Botox can reduce the power of the grinding muscles, resulting in more restful sleep and less dental pain.

Tight neck muscles can result in headaches and even shoulder pain.   Botox injections can relax these muscles and alleviate the symptoms without pills or drugs.

Extreme underarm perspiration with severe clothing stains and odor can be a very embarrassing problem.  Some people also have hyperhidrosis of their palms, to the point where they are unable to catch a ball or shake hands due to the moisture.  Foot sweating to the point of slipping in their shoes can be most bothersome.   For all these problems of excessive sweating, Botox is an easy, if costly, solution.  By injecting small amounts of medicine into the sweat glands, the patient will experience up to 90% reduction in their moisture level, lasting up to six months. 
In the United States, Botox is sold only by pharmaceutical company called Allergan.   The manufacturing process is rigorous and that's why it's so safe.   A vial costs nearly $600.   The price of Botox for the consumer ranges between $14 and $15 per unit.   Typically, 20-40 units are used in a treatment session for wrinkles, costing between $260-$600 and lasting for around 3-4 months.


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